Swaggernauts Speak

The Swagbucks Birthday Bash is not over yet – there’s still a lot of fun to be had!  I know that for many of you, this is your first Swagbucks birthday celebration.  I know we also have some Swagbucks veterans among us who are celebrating their 2nd or 3rd birthday with us.  Last week, I reached out to you to find out who had attended a Swagbucks birthday before and who would be first-timers.  I received some great feedback from you and would love to share it with you.

Swaggernaut heynanny8: I joined swagbucks just before my last birthday. I believe you were having all kinds of special events for swagbucks birthday when I started out. THIS year, you are celebrating on MY actual birthday, the 27th. Sounds like a fun day!

Swaggernaut frogger229988: I’ve been a swagernaut since March of 2010, so this will be my 2nd Swagbucks Birthday celebration. I have earned enough SB’s to offset the cost of an ipod touch, Silhouette Camio and many other gifts for me and Christmas gifts for friends and family!

Swaggernaut sunnysearch: As many others have stated, I too will be experiencing my first swag-birthday bash. I am so excited! I started late last year and have gotten about $85 worth in prizes! I have not been able to get many referrals, but I keep plugging away earning by myself. Thanks swagbucks!

Swaggernaut annie0443: Like many others this will be my first year celebrating Swagbucks Birthday. Looking forward to it! I have really enjoyed Swagbucks since becoming a member! Wish Swagbucks I was able to afford Christmas this past year! Looking forward to the year to come and much more fun with Swagbucks!

Swaggernaut mrsaharper: This is my first swagbucks birthday, and I am really excited to see what happens. I have only really started using swagbucks in the last few months, but I have earned a ton of points and it’s really excited to see my amazon gift cards adding up! I can’t wait to see what kind of birthday presents SB gives us 🙂

Swaggernaut Liz56: This will be my second swag bucks birthday celebration. I enjoyed last years celebration, as I seem to remember there were multiple codes involved!
I haven’t won any swagstakes, but I have been given 100 sb for a comment on one of the videos, and another 25 sb for contributing to the book club comments. It was really cool to find the bonus bucks in my ledger!

Swaggernaut itsmecathy: I can’t wait to experience my first Swagbucks Birthday with you all!! I have had some fun over the last several months and I am saving swagbucks to buy my grown daughters and my grandkids Christmas this year. Thanks for everything!! You guys Rock my days!!

Thanks for sharing your stories with us!  Enjoy the rest of our birthday!