Today’s Birthdays

Swagbucks is celebrating their fourth birthday in just a few short days.  Apparently, February is a very popular month for birthdays.  In addition to Swagbucks getting a year older, Emma from Team Swagbucks will be celebrating her birthday on February 23rd, and Ashley from Team Swagbucks will be celebrating her birthday on February 27th (the same day as Swagbucks’ big birthday bash!).  There are actually a lot of people celebrating their birthday today, February 21st.  Let’s take a moment to wish them a very happy birthday!

The beloved Rue McClanahan, best known for her role as Blanche on The Golden Girls, would have turned 77 today.  Happy Birthday, Rue!

Actor Alan Rickman, popularly known for playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series, turns 66 today.  Happy Birthday, Alan!

Dr. Frasier Crane, better known as Kelsey Grammar, turns 57 today.  Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

Former shortstop of the Detroit Tigers, Alan Trammell, turns 54 today.  Happy Birthday, Alan!

Adorable actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, turns 33 today.  Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

The wonderfully talented Welsh singer, Charlotte Church, turns 26 today.  Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

Ellen Page, best known as playing the quirky, knocked-up teen in Juno, turns 25 today.  Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Ashley Greene, known form playing Alice in the Twilight series phenomenon, also turns 25 today.  Happy Birthday, Ashley!

High School Musical cutie, Corbin Bleu, turns 23 today.  Happy Birthday, Corbin!

Do you know anyone who is celebrating their birthday today?  How excited are you for Swagbucks’ birthday?