Turn Up The Volume

Hey Swaggernauts – Ashley here!  I don’t know if you’ve checked out our Swagstakes lately, but we’ve just added a whole bunch of awesome Swagstakes, thanks to our friends over at Subjekt!  If you’re looking for a sweet pair of headphones that not only look cool but sound just as amazing, you’ll definitely want to enter to win a pair of Subjekt TNT Headphones.

Subjekt says it best themselves – “Headphones are an investment, one that is essential to any multi-media suite.  But getting a high quality sound experience usually means paying way too much.  Subjekt changes that with headphones and earphones that look great and sound crisp and clear–at a reasonable price.  You’ll hear the highs.  You’ll hear the lows just as well.  The bass booms.  We know sound quality isn’t the only priority, though.  Rocking a good looking headphone is a sign that you are a serious audiophile, one that wants their equipment to look as good as the music sounds.  Subjekt has you covered there, too” (Subjekt.com).  Deceptively Small… Sonically Explosive.  T.N.T’s compact, low profile design is power packed with supercharged, ultra-premium 40mm drivers that deliver rich & crystal clear sound directly into your soul.  Don’t be deceived by the size of these revolutionary headphones, you won’t want to leave home without them!

Through our Swagstakes, we’re offering 8 different pairs of Subjekt TNT headphones.  Go international with The French, The Irish, or The Brit pair.  Make a bold statement with the bright yellow Cranium pair.  Stand up for your rights and keep yourself protected in the Army Camo or Army Black headphones.  Or raise the bar as you raise the bass with the Rogue Status Black or Rogue Status White pair.  Click here to check them all out.  Score DOUBLE ENTRIES on all of the Subjekt headphones until 4pm PST!

If you just gotta have these headphones now, and don’t want to test your luck, snag the $5 Off discount from the Swag Store and get to shopping at Subjekt.com!

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Good luck, everyone!

-Ashley =)