Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – February 1, 2012

ttptp twitter bird

Yesterday’s TTPTP was a lot of fun.  I had you guys fill in the blanks: “Every time I see _____ my _____ get(s) _____ and I _____.”

The three runners up, who will each be getting 50SB are:

“#TTPTP Every time I see my overweight unicorn, my talking pineapple gets extremely depressed and jealous, and I wonder where my mermaid went” – rosieposies of Croydon, UK

“#TTPTP Every time I see a big tuft of chest hair, my thoughts get consumed and I wonder “why doesn’t he trim that?” – SwaggyBSG of Valrico, FL

“#TTPTP Every time I see Jersey Shore, my fist gets pumpin, and I scream, “oh yea!”” – @powergirlz84 (Please DM me your Swag Name)

This week’s TTPTP winner who will be receiving 500SB is…

“Every time I see a rainbow, my #pudgeens get wet and I cry. #TTPTP”

Congratulations, mrsaharper of Vail, AZ!  Thanks for making us laugh!

Honorable Mentions:

Every time I see my 4th grade picture, my cheeks get flushed, and I die a little on the inside. #TTPTP – @Jagedu1705

Every time I see a shoe sale, my wallet gets lighter, and I get a spring in my step. #TTPTP – @muhhllissa

Every time I see “American Idol,” my good sense gets thrown out, and I break out into song despite neighbor threats to call police. #TTPTP  – @Luvqraft

Great job to everyone!

Until next time,