Week in Review – February 11, 2011

Happy Happy Weekend

to all my Swaggin’ friends

let’s jump into the Week in Review

now that the week has come to an end

On Monday I shared some commercials

that made me laugh during the Super Bowl

I also gave you a round-up

from last week’s Daily Polls

On Tuesday we introduced a new item

just in time for Valentine’s Day

it’s the Reva Expanding Vase

which will improve your flower display

Wednesday we completed a look

based off the style of Jessica Biel

the whole outfit is less that $130

which is a pretty amazing deal

Thursday was a throwback

as we reached into the Swagbucks archive

we resurfaced one of our very first blog posts

from when Swagbucks 2.0 came alive

Yesterday Customer Support

hit the blog full blast

they were there to answer your questions

and to get you a solution fast

I hope you enjoyed this week

we’ve got so much more in store

now go have a lovely weekend

and keep coming back for more!