What Has Been 2012’s Ultimate Game?

Since we introduced them to the public in 2011, Swagbucks Games has grown leaps and bounds, constantly adding and upgrade the titles in our library. In 2012 alone we’ve added 14 new games challenging everything from your reflexes to your ability to solve puzzles. Over the next two weeks we’ll be reviewing the titles we’ve added in January and February and letting you tell us your favorites!

Monkey Mines

Changing scenery and varying puzzles in this Minsweeperesque title will make you go bananas. Double-Click tiles to reveal the number of mines the tile is touching. Single-Click to flag where you think mines are.

Mah Jong Solitaire

The Swag Nation has been asking for a Mah Jong game for a long time so we’re happy to add it to the lineup. Match the like tiles that are exposed to reveal more of the puzzle.

Wealth and Treasure

Time your jumps to make your way to the top in a topsy turvy world of spinning islands, collecting wealth and treasure along the way.

Swag Memory

Put your noggin to work, flipping over cards to make matches as quickly as and accurately as possible as you test your memory and your knowledge of Swagbucks.

Australian Cities

In honor of our new friends at Swagbucks.au, we’ve added a 4th game to our series of games that help you learn geography and reward you for knowing your cities. If you like Australian Cities, check the Miscellaneous section to play US Cities, World Cities, and European Cities too!


One of the trickiest new Swagbucks Games, in Boomerpop, you collect all the coins by throwing your boomerang and holding down left-click when you’d like the boomerang to keep spinning. Each level is a little different and a little more challenging so be creative!

Paper Planes

Pilot a paper plane in an epic battle of paper clips and paper aircraft over the perilous wood panel floor of someone’s suspiciously large apartment. Two game modes will have you shooting paper clips and blasting enemy ships to shreds all through the night.

Office Catapult

Launch virtual balls of paper off a virtual ruler into a virtual trash can, navigating around the force of a nearby fan. You could do this without a computer, but you’d earn a lot less Swag Bucks.

Take a screenshot of you playing your favorite of these games, post it on Twitter with your swag name and #sbgames we’ll hook 5 of you up with 100SB. Don’t forget to vote! You can do that in the poll below, and discuss why you love your favorite game in the comments!