What’s the Swagbucks Birthday Bash?

While everybody’s getting pumped up for our big 4th birthday celebration on Monday, it seems like it’s the perfect time to explain how the Birthday Bash will work.

It’s a Team Challenge consisting of 5 categories:

1. Search

2. Special Offers/Daily Deals

3. Tasks

4. Surveys


The Swag Bucks you earn for each of those activities on Monday will count toward your party’s total. The party that earns the most will be awarded with a 10 Swag Buck party favor to each attendee who earned at least one Swag Buck toward their party’s total. The other party will hand out party favors of 5 Swag Bucks each.

If you earn the most Swag Bucks at your party, you’ll be crowned the Party Animal, and receive a bonus of 400 Swag Bucks.

By now, if you’re attending one of the parties you’ve noticed the giant pink and green puzzle. Behind that puzzle is the picture of your party. On the 27th, we’ll reveal one piece for you, but to reveal the rest, your party has to collectively hit a series of earning goals, one for each category. When you hit the goal, a piece of the picture is revealed! If you reveal the whole picture before midnight, ALL PARTY BONUSES ARE DOUBLED!

Finally, if you want a sneak peek at what’s happening at the other party, we’ve got exclusive snapshots that we’ll share with you during the day that ONLY your team can see!

Got more questions? Ask them in the comments!