Your Computer Is Sick

Hey all my loyal Swaggernauts!  I’m sure you guys like to reap all of the benefits of Swagbucks to the best of your ability.  Because a lot of your earnings come from activities that you do on your computer, it’s important to ensure that your computer is up-to-date, virus-free, and emptied out of all unnecessary files so that you can get the highest productivity level possible.  Today happens to be Clean Out Your Computer Day, and I think you should all take advantage of it.  According to, “Clean Out Your Computer Day is a day to logically review, and delete old files and programs.  Most of us add programs and files to our computer with reckless abandon.  After all, computers have huge storage capacity.  Many of these files and programs are forgotten overtime…they clog memory and cause confusion during retrieval and use of other files.  And, some may slow down your computer.”  Take this day to rummage through your folders and files, and delete anything that is more so taking up space than actually making itself useful.  This will help speed up your computer to ensure your swagging is as efficient as possible.

To help you celebrate  we have some Special Offers currently available through our TrialPay wall.  Once you visit, hover over “More” and click on “PC & Electronics.”  Here you will find an offer for Norton 360 and AVG – PC TuneUP 2012, both offering a rebate of 450 Swag Bucks that will credit instantly.  Help restore your computer to peak performance!

Happy Cleaning!