A Classic Round-Up

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the Daily Polls!  Not only is a great way to earn your daily bonus buck, but they’re fun to answer, thought-provoking, and give you some insight on your fellow Swaggernauts.  Last month, we hit the Swagbucks Vault to revive some our favorite and most classic polls.  I wanted to share some results and thoughts regarding the difference in votes between the first time the poll ran and the February run.

After much deliberation and debate, it appears that us Swaggernauts would still prefer a pencil-sharpening nose over a condiment-dispensing naval.  Interesting, very interesting, but I’m not too surprised.  A condiment-dispensing naval just sounds messy!

When originally asked what the most fun way to earn Swag Bucks is in May of 2010, over 76% of you said searching.  Now, although the majority of you, 50.22%, said searching when asked again in February, it seemed there was some more love given to some of our other verticals, with the Daily Poll coming in second and Games coming in third.

I have to say, I was a bit disappointed to see that most of you still would not be interested in a tiny, pet-sized elephant if science engineered one.  Maybe if we ask this question again in a few years more of you will be open to the idea.  I know my answer has not changed at all!

Another poll which maintained pretty similar between the first time asked and the second, is who in your family is most likely to join Swagbucks.  The answer with the highest percentage, in both cases, was sister.  Do you have a sister?  Is she a member of Swagbucks?

It’s nice to see that we still have honest Swaggernauts.  Most of you voted, 1st and 2nd time around, that you fill your water cups up with water at fast food restaurants.  They put a lot of faith in their customers by putting the water spout in the same location as the fountain drink spouts.

On June 12, 2010 you were first asked what you would do with an extra $1000.  The answer with the highest percentage was Payoff Debt, followed by Put it into savings, followed by Shopping Spree.  When asked the second time around, on February 21, 2012, although the answers with the highest percentages followed the same format from the first time around, many more of you selected Payoff Debt.  Hopefully our economy will turn back around so that when asked, perhaps, a third time, more of you can select Shopping Spree and Vacation.

One of my favorite polls asked what your Swagbucks personality is.  Although in both runs, the highest percentage went to “Moderate-I go for my daily bonuses, daily surveys, search occasionally,” I was happy to see that the “Passionate” response increased from the first time the poll was run, on November 11, 2010, where it was at 15.72%, to the second time it ran, February 25, 2012, where it hit nearly 20%.  Gotta love my loyal Swaggernauts!

Did you enjoy the Swagbucks Month of Classic Polls?  What was your favorite classic poll that ran last month?