American Idol Thoughts

Hey guys – Ashley here!  I don’t know about you guys, but I am a huge American Idol fan and have been since Season 1!  Although I miss Simon Cowell, I absolutely love the addition of Jennifer Lopez – she’s kind-hearted, emotional, sincere, and absolutely beautiful.  She’s honest, but if she has negative feedback she breaks it to them lightly – which would be my preference when hearing bad news.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the results of last night’s episode.  I won’t give anything away to those of you who may not have watched it yet, but I don’t think the right person went home.  I was really happy to see the return of Lauren Alaina – she was my favorite last year ever since I saw her audition!  This year during the auditions, I was wowed by Phillip Phillips, and it truly touched my heart to see how adorably proud his father was of him.  I have a feeling he’s going to go pretty far.  And obviously Jessica Sanchez is a natural-born talent – she’s incredible.  What’s interesting, is that I’ve been following her on YouTube for years!  She was a contestant on America’s Got Talent when she was just 11-years-old, and since then she has developed quite a fan-base through her YouTube channel.  There’s no doubt in my mind that she will be huge!

Now I want to get your thoughts!  Comment below with who your favorite contestant is this year!