Announcing A New Golden Ticket!

It’s time to introduce the newest Golden Ticket item here at Swagbucks.  With Summer just around the corner, it’s time to start decorating appropriately to get you into that beachy, carefree mood.  Pick up the Seashells Votive Candle Holder from the Swag Store for just 349 Swag Bucks.  This stylish candle holder is great for adding that little extra something to a bathroom, dinner table, or outdoor party setting.  It can also be used as a nightlight by placing a small electric candle inside, which your little ones will love!  The cutout designs, depicting stars, seashells, and waves, will help to set your mind at ease as your scented votive candle fills your room with a relaxing, calming aroma.

One out of every five Seashells Votive Candle Holders sold will contain a Golden Ticket worth 249 Swag Bucks, making the total price of the item just 100 Swag Bucks – what a deal!  Will you be one of the lucky Swaggernauts who finds one?

Good luck!