The Swag Guy was going through his closet this weekend, and he found a stash of goodies from his collecting days.  Although he holds all of his collectibles dear to his heart, he’s willing to let some of them go, knowing they will find new homes through the hands of his loyal Swaggernauts.  We know how much you all love a good deal, and that’s why we’ve just added these items to our new Clearance Section of the Swag Store!  Here you can find awesome deals on awesome prizes, but make sure you snag the ones you want fast, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.  TSG is definitely a collector, but he’s not a hoarder, so he only has a few of each item available.

In this section you can find cool prizes for just 65 Swag Bucks, like the NY Giants Temporary Tattoo!  We even have some exclusive, autographed memorabilia, like the Crooked-X Signed Frisbee, which can be yours for just 225 Swag Bucks or the MIMS “Like This” Autographed CD Single, available for 350 Swag Bucks!  Ozzy Osbourne fan?  You can snag the Ozzy Osbourne Bandanna for only 565 Swag Bucks.  And if you’re into O.A.R. you can pick up the O.A.R. Collectors Pack for 950 Swag Bucks, and enjoy the 10 amazing items included in the collection, like the “Found” CD and the Live from Madison Square Garden Bookmark, to name a few.

Click here to see all of the items The Swag Guy was kind enough to hand over to his beloved Swaggernauts.

Happy Shopping!