Downloadable Mommy

Calling all mommies, daddies, big brothers, and big sisters.  Have you downloaded the iMommy App yet for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch yet?  For just 199 Swag Bucks, you can groom yourself into the best baby caregiver that you can be!

The iMommy App is a one-of-a-kind game invented for moms by moms!  Cozy design, educational and interactive character of the iMommy game will be a fun and useful entertainment for kids and provide valuable minutes of rest for their mothers!  When K&N Ventures started out, its primary focus was to entertain in a non-violent, fun and educational way.  Now, after 10 months of being in the iTunes marketplace and in the top 100 categories for family and kids iPad apps, they can honestly say the time and effort has been well worth it.  Of course they continue to update and improve the core rooms of iMommy which teach the basic and most important fundamental care of an infant, these being feeding, changing, bathing and helping baby fall asleep.  Ideally these rooms will help any new big brother or sister not only learn how to interact with a new baby and to understand all that is involved with taking care of a baby, but to have fun doing so.

Visit the Swag Store now to download the iMommy App for just 199 Swag Bucks!