Going, Going, Snag It!

Hey Swaggernauts!  I’m here to announce an exciting new section that’s coming soon to the Swag Store.  Starting on Monday, April 2nd, there will be a Reverse Auction category added to the Swag Store.  This section will be filled with some of the most exclusive, authentic, rare, some even one-of-a-kind items, ranging from autographed footballs to WWE action figure collectibles to band autographed drum heads, and so much more!  Every week day during the month of April, we will run at least one Reverse Auction.  How do you find out which item will be auctioned off?  The Swag Store Twitter Feed!  If you’re not following the Swag Store on Twitter, I suggest you start doing so.  It will be there that all of the Reverse Auctions will be announced, and where you’ll also find updates on prices dropping and new items added.  If you see an item, and you just have to have it now, feel free to snag it right then and there.  Or, you can wait for it to run in the Reverse Auction, and try to get it at a better price, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be the first one to snag it, so shop wisely!