Kinect Yourself

Attention gamers!  Did you know you could win the Special Edition Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect for as little as 18 Swag Bucks?  That’s right!  One of the hottest new gaming systems can be yours for free, thanks to Swagbucks!  And now, you can score your entries for 6 Swag Bucks less per entry than the last time we ran this Swagstakes!

The new Xbox 360 is here with a sleek new look and powerful features.  With a gloss black finish, a 250GB hard drive and Wi-Fi capability, the Xbox 360 250GB console brings you to the brink of innovation and the future of gaming.  The exciting new Kinect Sensor lets you literally climb into the game and control your entertainment with the wave of a hand using advanced motion-sensing technologies.  Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi provides a faster and easier connection to Xbox Live to stream HD movies and TV shows or download games in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound.  The internal, removable 250GB hard drive offers plenty of space to save games, HD shows and movies and more.  Your body becomes the ultimate controller as you jump off of the couch and into the game with Kinect.  With no other remotes or accessories, your every movement translates on-screen to give you total control of the action, and it all starts right out of the box with the included Kinect Adventures game.  Your gaming and entertainment world expands online with the included one-month Xbox Live Gold membership.  Communicate via voice, text and video chat, or engage in global competition.  You can even download content from the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Connect more accessories and storage devices easily with five USB ports, and enjoy booming sound from your A/V receiver with the integrated optical audio out port.  The system comes with a black wireless controller and a black headset.  With its sleek new black design, this super-quiet model of the Xbox 360 console delivers a wide variety of entertainment options and the intuition of the future.

Enter to win for as little as 18 Swag Bucks and score DOUBLE ENTRIES until 2pm PST.

Good luck!