Make Reading Personal

Hey Swaggernauts – we have something new and exciting to offer in the Swag Store that’s perfect for the little kiddie in your life.  What young girl or boy doesn’t love books, music, and/or videos?  How would you like to turn these activities into a personalized experience for the reader, listener, or viewer?  With Personally Yours Books you can do just that!

Personally Yours Books incorporates your child’s name, hometown, age, friends names, and even a custom dedication from the gift giver into all of their personalized books, creating exciting reading adventures where your child gets to be the star!  Their abundant selection of titles ensures that you will find just the right custom storybook for your young reader.  From potty training with Elmo to their own Farm Adventure, the perfect storybook is waiting to be written for your child!

Personalized Baby Books make for wonderful new baby gifts.  Their Personalized Music CDs range from a Sing Along with Mickey and Partying with the Wiggles to Personalized Sports Broadcasts and Personalized Love Songs. You can even take it up a notch and have your child star in an episode along with Dora and Diego or include them in the Little Mermaid’s adventure!

Right now in the Swag Store you can snag a coupon for just 149 Swag Bucks that will score you $5 off your order at Personally Yours Books!

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