Safety First

As you’re going through your Spring cleaning, I’m sure there will be many things that you realize you’ve run out of or need to replace.  When’s the last time you checked your stash of bandaids or gauze pads?  I think it’s time to replace and replenish your First Aid Kit, as it’s an essential necessity for every household.

Everyone needs a great first aid kit, and Swagbucks is here to help you obtain yours for only half the price!  Most kits are just a bunch of plastic strip bandages and maybe some antiseptic wipes.  The Complete First Aid Kit is a very well rounded kit with all the supplies you need for minor emergencies.  It is also the only first aid kit that prepares you for one of the worst accidents: a knocked out tooth.  Because you only have 15 minutes to store a knocked out tooth, having Save-A-tooth® in your first aid kit means you will be prepared with the right tools to save your kid’s smiles in the event of an accident.  The Complete First Aid Kit is a great value. It’s packed with everything you need to keep you prepared in the event of a minor accident – 1 Pack of 75 Assorted Bandages, 1 Foil Rescue Blanket, 10 Antibiotic Cream Packets, 6 Burn Cream Packets, 2 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves, and so much more, including Save-A-Tooth® (a $24.95 value).  It is all packed into a durable, waterproof box, and all contents are individually boxed to cut down on clutter after use.

For more information and a complete list of contents visit:

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Remember, safety first!