Swagbucks Games: We Need A Hero

Shopping Cart Hero 3, the latest addition to Swagbucks Games, may be the most addictive game yet. In it, your stick man pushed his shopping cart down a hill, hope is, and then jumps through the air, performing tricks and try to go as high and as far as possible. Simple? Yes. Customizable? You betcha. You can outfit your stickman with different hats to add style points, put rockets on your cart and even bring a groupie along for the ride as you learn and master new tricks in different environments:

You customize by spending the money you get for successfully jumping and landing without cracking your little stick guy’s head – don’t worry, though – if you do, he’ll be ready to go for his next jump. This guy is resilient!

I made 32 jumps to get the score I’m posting here, and I haven’t unlocked half of the stuff I want to. I challenge you to beat my score, then post a screenshot of your better score to Twitter with the Hashtag #sbgames and your Swag Name – 3 of you will be hooked up with 100 Swag Bucks each! Here’s my score:

Good luck and happy shopping!