Swaggernauts Walk for MS

Ever wish you had a Swagbucks T-shirt to get referrals and show your Swag Nation pride, but you just couldn’t part with your bucks? From now until May 6th, we will give you 699 SB, the cost of a Swagbucks T-Shirt in the Swag Store, if you send in a photo of yourself walking in one of the many MS Walks around the world, wearing your Swagbucks T Shirt. Please include proof of the date and as always, your Swag Name. Limit one reward per Swagbucks account.

Visit NMSS MS Walks to find an upcoming MS Walk near you and further support our charity of the month, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. NMSS works tirelessly to rid the world of MS and the burden it carries that effects so many of us and so many we know all around the world. Please support this great organization and their efforts by visiting their site and continuing to donate your Swag Bucks all this month. Donate today by clicking here or view the up to date donation numbers by visiting the Official Swagbucks Charity Drive Page.