Thanks For Congrats

As I’m sure most of you know by now, today Swagbucks hit a milestone!  We have officially surpassed 1 MILLION “Likes” on our Facebook Fan Page.  We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for helping us get to where we are today.  I wanted to share some wonderful thoughts and congratulatory comments that were posted on our Facebook Page today.  We appreciate everyone’s kind words!

Swaggin Sherwin

If it had been possible, I would have personally given you a million likes! Swagbucks, you are all amazing and I thank you every day for being here! Congratulations to you all for reaching this!

Lua Moon
‎1 million swaggernauts! Congrats Swag Bucks!

Jen Swagsone
So happy I was here to witness history being made! :o) Congrats Swag Bucks on reaching 1,000,000 likes! You guys ROCK!!!!!

Barb Hanson

O’Swaggely McSwaggin
A Million reasons to love SwagBucks!

Rosie Olderone
One million wows. One millioin “likes”. One million folks (that should be) thankful for Swagbucks! Good day to be a swagger. Congratulations Swag Bucks!

Jody Starr Tosti
Congrats! I remember when there were less than 100k!

Muncy Michele
WOW!!!!!!!! Way to go on the 1,000,000+ likes!

Julie Goines Dunn
Congratulations SwagBucks crew on your 1,000,000 fans!!!

Trish Stjohn
wow they hit over million Yippee for Swagbucks way to go

Kiona Parsons
Thanx for the code Swag Bucks, and congrats on 1,000,000 likes, swag bucks is the best place on the internet, and I love you all my swagbucks friends

Christina Black
WAY TO GO Swagbucks! Congrats on 1,000,000 likes!!!

Frugal Follies
Congratulations to Swag Bucks for getting 1 million likes! Woohoo!

Raewyne Brosnahan
we are swagbucks hear us roar ,in numbers to big to ignore

Cheri Boeneman
Congratulations on a million likes!

Christine Wheeler
Congrats on a million likes! Way to go Swagbucks!

Jose Caraballo
Happy 1,000,000 SBD!! A day to remember!!!

Luke N Kristie Hasselstrom
Congratulations Swag Bucks for your FB page surpassing 1 million likes!!

Donna Christensen
Way to go Swagbucks on hitting the million like mark!!

Cheryl Meyering
‎Swag Bucks ROCKS!! Congrats on the One Million

Shindig Razio
Happy 1 Million Likes

Tracy Deiter Diederich
I declared today a Swagbuck official holiday in honor of reaching 1 million likes and got 11sbs, yeah!

June Hedger

Victoria Gennaro
One Million: a good, round, LUCKY number. Thanks, SB!

Evin ♥nReward’s
wow finally hit one million likes WTG Swagbucks – you guys ROCK!!!!

Next stop – 2 million!

Keep on Swaggin’!

Thanks again!