The New Homepage Is Coming…

We have a history of rolling out changes to our site on around our birthday; Last year we debuted the redesign of the blog AND the chat bar. This year, we’re debuting a streamlined version of our homepage, that we think will make it even easier for you to find your way around and use to earn! Over the next week, we’ll be rolling this out, so when you see your homepage change to this, don’t be alarmed:

This blog post is going to take you on a tour of our new homepage.

The first thing you might notice is that the top menu bar has changed; it’s now much simpler to find ways to earn Swag Bucks:

Ways to redeem those Swag Bucks:

And tools, where you can get info, ways to enhance your Swag Bucks experience, and more:

As you scroll down the page, the search bar will appear!

Next to that search bar is the icon to check your Swag Bucks inbox, a drop down for Social Connect:

Clicking on your name/icon will drop down your account menu:

As you probably noticed, the slides that sit front and center haven’t gone anywhere; they still look and function the same as they did before.¬†Just to the right of those slides is the Swag Code “Gimme” box, where you can enter Swag Codes and redeem them. Underneath that, you’ll find the new home of the Hourly Random Winner, and if you’re a blogger, you can sign up to be a part of the Swagbucks Blogging Network:

The totally new part is the Daily earning checklist – as you complete each of the three actions, a check will appear to let you know you’ve done it, and clicking on the task will take you to it:

To the left of those slides, a new feature! You can see some of your current referrals and how they’re doing – just click on “View All” to get a run down on how many Swag Bucks each of your referrals has earned. You’ll also notice the updated Quick Links, which you can use to access our Blog, our Facebook page and a number of ways to earn:

The biggest change to the homepage is the new card system that appears under the slideshow, which will constantly serve you up opportunities to earn, hot items in the Swag Store and Swagstakes, and up-to-date info from the blog. Here are the different kinds of cards you will see:

If you share a card on Facebook or Twitter, that share is referral enabled, giving you yet another way to earn referrals. If you don’t care for a particular card, click the “x” in the upper righthand corner – this will close out the card. A closed out card will not return.

The exception to this rule is with Special Offers. Once you complete the offer in a card, that card will disappear, unless you can complete the offer multiple times; in those cases, the card will disappear, then reappear and give you the opportunity to earn again!

If you close a Special Offer Card by clicking the “x” in the upper righthand corner, one of two things will happen:

1: The card will disappear, and you will not see an offer from that provider for 24 hours;

2.: That offer will disappear, and the card will instead show an offer from a different provider.

Well, that’s been our tour of the new homepage. Please exit the tram to your left, and prepare for a much more streamlined and dynamic way to experience the site!