Week in Review – March 24, 2012

Happy Happy Saturday

To all you Swaggernauts

Enjoy the Week in Review

and be sure to leave your thoughts

On Monday we introduced March Swagness

where each day we set an earning goal

earn your Swag Bucks any way you want

from a Hashtag Hookup to the Daily Poll

Tuesday March Swagness kicked off

Did you fill your meter with 50 Bucks?

This contest continues through April 2nd

Have fun earning and good luck

On Wednesday Shopping Cart Hero

was introduced to Swagbucks Games

What’s your highest score?

I won’t tell you mine, because I’m ashamed

Thursday we announced a new Swagstakes

you can win the iPad 3

You can be one of the very few

to get the new iPad for free

Yesterday we gave you a preview

of the Collector’s Bills that are about to arrive

Be sure to come back Monday

and try to collect all five!

Now it’s time to get back to earning

time to get back to snagging

I hope everyone has a good weekend

enjoy your day and happy swagging!