What Was The Best New Game in Feb?

Last week, we reviewed the eight new games added in the month of January and you told us your favorites. Of Monkey Mines, Mah Jong Solitaire, Wealth and Treasure, Swag Memory, Australian Cities, Boomerpop, Paper Planes, and Office Catapult, most of you preferred Mah Jong Solitaire. We’re pleased to second to that, you guys most enjoyed Swag Memory.

This week, we’ll be looking at the games we introduced in February. If you haven’t tried them before, try them today and let us know which game is your favorite from Feb. Take a screenshot of you playing your favorite of the games introduced in February, tweet it to us with your swag name and the hash tag #sbgames and you could be one of the five people we’ll hook up 100SB.


Like Scrabble? Word it rewards your spelling and vocabulary skills with puzzle after puzzle of Scrabbley goodness. There are two great game modes to enjoy so be sure and check them both out if you’re into word games.

Paper Kid

This adventure in occupations is a fun trip back to 1984, without the limitations of 8 bit graphics. Deliver all the papers to the correct house numbers, dodging cars, kids, dogs, and wily neighbors or you could be fired. Watch out for those windows!


Possibly our most peaceful game, if you like Snow Day, you’ll love Ripples. Take a day off from puzzles, planes, and mines with a relaxing day by a virtual pond. Sink paper boats as they cross the screen, aiming to take out as many as possible with the ripples of a stone. Sit back and watch the ripples.

Klondike Solitaire

Classic solitaire. Play at your leisure to kill some time and win some bucks or play for time and try to set a new high score.

The New and Improved Swag Jump

The first time we released Swag Jump, we were really proud to share it with you and offer our first game in which you can play as TSG, TSGal, or Swagasaurus Bux, but it was a bit too challenging for everyone to appreciate. After a lot of feedback and some refinements, we’ve re-released it with what we think is an even better and more fun experience than before.

Darts Party

Like darts or carnival games? Test your skills with this realistic darts simulation against the computer. Multiple different game modes for you to enjoy.