Ashley’s American Idol Recap

Hey Guys – Ashley here ready to share my thoughts on last night’s episode of American Idol.  Let me start with my favorites.  I really enjoyed the little videos before each contestant’s performance where the other contestants would take stabs at each other – very cute and entertaining.  I think it brought out a lot of personality in each contestant, which was nice to see, because sometimes it’s not easy to see personality shine through during their performance.  I thought Skylar did an awesome job last night – man, that girl can sing!  I’m a fan of Hollie – I really got a kick out the other contestants mocking her accent and her responding with “it’s weird, it’s messed up, I know – next question.”  She did great singing Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” last night.  It’s amazing that she got a standing ovation from the judges from that song, because to me that’s such an overdone song with not too much to do with it.  Hollie definitely managed to really make herself shine while singing it, so good for her.  Although Phillip Phillips didn’t excel last night, he’s still one of my favorites – such a cutie!  I know people seem to love Joshua Ledet, and he manages to get a standing ovation nearly every episode, but he’s not one of my favorites.  I just don’t connect with the songs that he sings, but regardless, he has an incredible voice.  Little Jessica Sanchez can sing her butt off and I always love what she’s wearing.  Elise grows on me more and more each episode, and I really enjoy her singing style.  Who’s your favorite this season?


Until next time,