Did you check your Dashboard today?

We are constantly updating our survey inventory.  To make sure you are kept up-to-date on the newest survey opportunities make sure you check your dashboard throughout the day.  You don’t want to miss out on a high paying survey.

Here are 3 tips to make sure you have the best survey experience possible.

  1. Keep your profiles updated

If there has been a change in your marital status, living status, you recently purchased a vehicle, etc., make sure you update your profiles so the surveys you receive in your dashboard are targeted to your unique specifications.

  1. Register in your correct country

Make sure when you register to take surveys you choose the country you live in.  If you accidentally register in the wrong country you will see limited or no surveys in your dashboard.

  1. Answer all survey questions honestly

If you answer questions dishonestly your account will be flagged and eventually deactivated.

  1. Don’t be discouraged

If you don’t qualify for a particular survey try not to be discouraged.  Surveys are looking for very unique individuals and unfortunately you won’t qualify for all of them but make sure you keep trying.  Of course you’ll receive 1 Swag Buck up to 5 in a day for your time.

Remember, Surveys are a great way to increase your Swag Bucks earning potential.  If you haven’t registered make sure you do so today!



We are aware that Think Action/Daily Survey completions are not counting towards your spring sprint goal.  This issue will be resolved Monday.  You spring spring goal will be retro credited for the original date of completion.  The retro credit will happen automatically so there will be no need to contact Customer Support regarding this particular issue.

Thank you for your patience!

Until next time,