Get To Know The Swag Mom Nominees

We’ve noticed a few people on our Facebook page saying that they’re unfamiliar with the nominees for The Swag Mom. Since you’ll want to get to know the nominees by actually reading their nominations and checking out their pictures and videos, we thought it was a good opportunity to show you how to navigate the nominee pages.

 The nominees can be sorted in alphabetical order, most recent, by rating (since people who leave comments can also rate nominees) and popularity (which we measure by views). When you visit a nominee’s page, you can leave comments for them. We’ve already seen nominees and potential voters having conversations via comments!

Finally, as you’re browsing through entries and you see one that interests you, clicking the heart bookmarks that nominee as a “Favorite” – there’s no limit to the number of favorites you can have, and you can filter the nominations to only show you the people you’ve favorited.

You’re going to start seeing more and more nominees showing up on the page now, so take the time to look around, get to know the nominees, and favorite the ones who you think might deserve your votes!