Let The Voting Begin

This post is going to be a bit on the long side, but bear with me as there are some great earning opportunities you’ll want to be aware of.  We are only weeks away from sending one very deserving Swaggernaut on a luxury trip to Las Vegas.  The user who is crowned The Swag Mom will soon be flown to Los Angeles to spend the day and experience some of the best LA has to offer.  From there, they will hop on a private jet, thanks to our sponsors at ElJet, and be chartered to the fabulous Las Vegas for a two night stay in indulgence.  Our winner will work with Abby Tegnalia, Editor in Chief of Vegas Magazine, to create a customized itinerary where they will be pampered at the spa, enjoy a world-class show on the Vegas Strip, and simply live life like it’s going out of style.  So who will this lucky winner be?  Let the voting begin!

We received thousands of wonderful nominations, so the voting will be tough.  As of now, you could have racked up 340 votes for The Swag Mom if you reached your earning goal every day that The Swag Mom homepage meter was active.  As of now, you can begin voting.  Everyone begins with 5 votes – even if you didn’t reach your earning goal even once throughout the nominating process, you’re still granted with 5 votes at the start.  For every day that you visit The Swag Mom voting page, you will earn 5 additional votes.  That means, if you come to vote every day that voting is open (April 30th through May 11th), you can earn up to 60 more votes.  For every two votes you cast, you will earn 1 Swag Buck!  So let’s think about this for a minute.  If you earned 340 votes from The Swag Mom homepage meter, plus the 5 you start with, and the 60 you can earn just by coming and voting, that’s a total of  405 total votes you can obtain.  If you’re earning 1 Swag Buck for every 2 votes you cast, and you cast all 405 of your votes, you’ll earn 202 Swag Bucks!

Okay, so how do you vote?  Well, you can use your votes however you’d like.  You can use them all on one nominee, spread them out over 405 different nominees, spend them all in one day, or save them all up to the last day.  To vote, visit the desired nominee’s detail page.  On the top right of the page you will see a vote tally which counts the total number of votes this user currently received.  Underneath the tally, you’ll see a big, red “Vote” button:

Click this button to vote, and you will be prompted to confirm this vote.  Once you have confirmed your vote, you cannot retract it, so think long and hard about each nominee you choose to vote for and how you decide to spend your votes.

To keep track of how many votes you have remaining, how many total votes you’ve cast, and how many bonus Swag Bucks you’ve earned from voting, simply look at the top right of the screen on all sections on The Swag Mom contest page.  Here you’ll find your stats that will look like this:

I wish all of our nominees the best of luck!  Happy Voting!