Little Drops of Heaven

I’m sure we have a bunch of sweet-toothed Swaggernauts here, so to satisfy your sugar cravings we have just stocked the Swag Store with a new slew of Nibnob 15% off coupons!

For those of you who may have missed the first review we wrote up on Nibnobs, you probably don’t know what these little drops of heaven are.  I will refer to the Nibnobs pamphlet to give you the perfect description.  ”Imagine the perfect bite…when you see that piece of cake staring at you…that one bite; the bite with just the right amount of frosting.  It’s moist enough to hold itself on the fork, but looks like it’s going to melt at the same time…Yep.  That bite.  That’s a Nibnob!”  If you’re drooling over this description, just wait until you try one!  You can’t imagine something so delicious and heavenly.  With flavors from Triple Chocolate Chip to Key Lime, from Birthday Cake to Lemon Drop you’re sure to find your favorite.  Their contemporary cake truffles come in a variety of different packaging options!  From their 3-packs, 12-packs, cakes* and platters*, you can have your NibNobs in a way that’s perfect for your craving!  I will prepare you with a warning, though, Nibnobs are addicting – you can’t eat just one!  Enjoy with caution!

You can now snag a 15% Off Coupon for Nibnobs Sweet Company for the low price of only 49 Swag Bucks!  Send them as a gift or keep them all for yourself!