Swagbucks Vegas Week: Bringing Down the House

The winner of The Swag Mom contest is going to need a good book to keep him/her occupied on the flight over to Las Vegas on a private jet.  How about snagging the newest addition to the eBooks section of the Swag Store, Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich?  This will surely help you get in the right mindset and prepare you for your arrival to the fabulous Las Vegas!

“Shy, geeky, amiable” MIT grad Kevin Lewis, was, Mezrich learns at a party, living a double life winning huge sums of cash in Las Vegas casinos. In 1993 when Lewis was 20 years old and feeling aimless, he was invited to join the MIT Blackjack Team, organized by a former math instructor, who said, “Blackjack is beatable.” Expanding on the “hi-lo” card-counting techniques popularized by Edward Thorp in his 1962 book, Beat the Dealer, the MIT group’s more advanced team strategies were legal, yet frowned upon by casinos. Backed by anonymous investors, team members checked into Vegas hotels under assumed names and, pretending not to know each other, communicated in the casinos with gestures and card-count code words. Taking advantage of the statistical nature of blackjack, the team raked in millions before casinos caught on and pursued them. In his first nonfiction foray, novelist Mezrich (Reaper, etc.), telling the tale primarily from Kevin’s point of view, manages to milk that threat for a degree of suspense. But the tension is undercut by the first-draft feel of his pedestrian prose, alternating between irrelevant details and heightened melodrama. In a closing essay, Lewis details the intricacies of card counting.

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