The Swag Mom: Meet Your Nominees

The nominations are underway, and you now have hundreds of nominees to sift through as you begin getting to know them and deciding who deserves your votes for the title of The Swag Mom and the Grand Prize of a charter flight to Las Vegas courtesy of our friends at ElJet. Last week we gave you tips on how to have your nomination seen, and this week we’re going to start featuring some nominees. Without further ado, meet Participate!

As you can see from this video, participate is a Swaggernaut from Down Under who really wants to win this trip for her mom. It’s a really sweet story, and worth a few moments of your attention.

In addition to writing a great description as to why her mom should win, participate included five photos and the YouTube video you see above. Including all of that media not only gives her a chance to be one of our featured nominees – it also got our attention, which is why we’re sharing her nominee page with you. Take a minute to read over it, and favorite her by clicking the heart icon or leave a comment for her and rate her nomination! Also, take the time to browse through more nominees so you can make the most informed votes possible, and if you’re planning on nominating yourself or another Swaggernaut, make sure you submit something detailed and include as many pictures of your nominee as you can. It can only help your chances.

Good luck to participate and all of the other Swaggernauts who have been nominated so far!