Vegas Movie Madness

All of last week you had the chance to vote for your favorite artists in our Music Madness competition.  The winners of each head-to-head get their music videos added to SBTV.  On Friday, during the final round of Music Madness, rock bands Aerosmith and Queen went head-to-head while British boy bands One Direction and The Wanted went head-to-head.  Let’s look at the results to see the final two artists we’ll soon see on SBTV.

So soon you’ll be able to check out Aerosmith’s and The Wanted’s music videos right on our very own SBTV.

We wanted to keep the rewarding head-to-head competition going, and since today starts Vegas Week, we thought we’d let you guys vote for the best Vegas movie of all time.  Presenting Movie Madness!  Every day this week you will have at least one head-to-head to vote on, featuring some of the most well-know and most entertaining Vegas-themed films.  Today we begin with four of these films: Leaving Las Vegas vs. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Vegas Vacation vs. The Hangover.  Which two films will continue on in the hopes of being crowned the best Vegas movie of all time?  That’s up to YOU to decide!

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Being that there are so many wonderful films surrounding the Vegas theme, we couldn’t possibly fit all of them into this contest.  Leave YOUR favorite Vegas movie (not included in this bracket) in the comments section below.