We’re On Target

Hey guys – Ashley here.  One of my favorite stores is Target, because what can’t you get at Target?  I do my grocery shopping there, furniture shopping there, stock up on movies and music, pick out some video games, and even snag some new pieces for my wardrobe there.  My newest purchase is this pair of neon orange sneakers that I’ve quickly become obsessed with.  They were on clearance for just 9 bucks!  Warning, this photo may be blinding:


So I have some exciting news.  We’re now offering a $5 e-Gift Card to Target.com!  From home décor to fashion to electronics, find what you’re looking for at Target.com. No fees. No expiration. No kidding®.

You can snag this e-Gift Card for just 649 Swag Bucks and use it on anything your heart desires at Target.com.  The funny thing about Target is that you could go in because you need some milk, but you somehow come out with a new Summer dress, a spatula, some dog treats, 4 new movies, a garden hose, and a bar stool.  It’s a chain reaction of shopping!

What’s your favorite thing to buy at Target?

Have fun shopping!