25 Million Dollars!

Attention Swaggernauts – we have a very important announcement to make.  Here at Swagbucks we have just reached a milestone.  It has been reported that we have officially given away over 25 MILLION DOLLARS in prizes since our launch!  That’s the value of 25 mansions, 100 luxury cars, 5 million cups of coffee at Starbucks, and 100 million gumballs from the gumball machine.  Every one of us here at Team Swagbucks could probably travel around the world twice with that 25 million dollars, but of course, we have decided to give it away in SWAG to our wonderful and loyal Swaggernauts.  Without our users we would have nobody to give these prizes to, so thank you to every single one of you who have welcomed Swagbucks into your life.  Next stop: 50 MILLION DOLLARS!