A Glowing Golden Ticket

As our Swag Mom winner heads off to Las Vegas, he or she will certainly need the perfect accessories to add to the fun and excitement that will already be had.  You’re sure to turn some heads as you walk down the strip proudly displaying your Chem Light 6″ Glow Stick!  And the best part?  These glow sticks are our new Golden Ticket item!

Get yourself some awesome Glow Sticks for free with Swag Bucks!  These 6″ Chem Light Style Glow Sticks are perfect for parties, backpacking, clubbing, night time activities, emergencies, and as toys for young children.  These Glow Sticks are safe and non-toxic.  You can snag yours now for just 359 Swag Bucks, and because this is a Golden Ticket item, one out of every 5 Glow Sticks sold will contain a  lucky Golden Ticket worth 299 Swag Bucks.  If you find one, you will have gotten your Glow Stick for just 60 Swag Bucks – what a deal!

Good luck!