Happy Hour with Erica of Frontline Support

Hey everyone, it’s now time for Happy Hour! Who LOVES to win a big prize for a small price? I do, I do!

Erica here- Ready to serve up more “Swag-petizers” with today’s Topic On Tap...Swagstakes!

Let’s start with a “REFRESHment” on explaining what are Swagstakes? Swagstakes are the Swagbucks version of Sweepstakes. Instead of redeeming Swag Bucks for a prize, you can snag an entry, or multiple entries, to win a prize. There are two types of Swagstakes. Limited Entry & Limited Time. Some of you may wonder, what is the difference  between the two? It’s really simple to explain. Limited Entry Swagstakes are pre-determined amount of total entries, that will be excepted before a winner is randomly selected. Limited Time Swagstakes have no cap on total amount of entries, and a winner will be randomly chosen after a pre-determined amount of time. SCORE!!

I’m passing out two “Swag-petizers” that are very important before snagging an entry.

  1. You will have to first select how many entries you choose to snag
  2. Swagstake entries will not be refunded for any reason

You can find the results of each Swagstake in the Swagstake section of your account page. Here will be a list of Swagstakes you’ve entered and it’s status. Once the Swagstake has ended, the winner will be announced in the status field. If you’re the lucky winner, the status field will display”WON”. Also be sure to verify your win before we can process it! Unverified wins will be canceled after 7 business days. If for any reason you have trouble verifying your win, be sure to Contact Us at Frontline Support.

Game Time!! Tell me how many times I used the word Swagstake in today’s Happy Hour. The first Swaggernaut to leave the correct answer in the comment section below will win 250 Swag Bucks, plus a piece of our official Swagbucks gear. In addition, I will choose 4 users at random who also post the correct answer and hook them up with 15 entries into the 50 Swag Bucks Giveaway.

Ready, Set, GO!!