Happy Hour with Jon & Erica of Frontline Support

Hey Swaggernauts!

Jon & Erica from the Frontline Support Team here with the second round of Swagbucks Happy Hour! We will be posting every Wednesday at 2pm PDT with some “REFRESHments” about common Swagbucks policies for our new users, as well as our trusted vets who just need a reminder. Each post will also contain a challenge that you guys can participate in to win great 2 for 1 prizes – it is happy hour after all!

Today’s Topic on Tap is everyone’s favorite Pal! The Pal that Pays… PayPal!

Here are some Swag-Petizers regarding our PayPal process:

  • When claiming a PayPal prize, be sure that you have a verified PayPal account to receive your deposit.  If you do not have a PayPal account, visit www.paypal.com and create an account for free!
  • Be sure that the email address associated with your PayPal account is the same as the email address associated with your Swagbucks account. *Under no circumstances will a payment be sent to a PayPal account with another email address*
  • It will take 7-21 business day7s for your payment to be marked as shipped.  Business days are Monday – Friday, weekend days and holidays do not count.
  • Once your order has been marked as “Shipped” in your account, it may take an additional 24 hours to post into your account.
  • If you do not have a PayPal account, or the email address does not match your Swagbucks account email, you will have to wait 30 business days for the money to refund with PayPal.
  • Once the money refunds, please contact us with the refund email notification and we can then credit the prize back to your account.

What happy hour is good without 2 for 1 Deals? Here’s a little challenge for you! Go to the Swag Store and tell us which prize is the Braggable Bargain of the day. Please also include the following details: 

-What is the shipping time frame upon delivery, once verifying the prize?

-Where will the gift code post once delivered?

The First Swaggernaut to leave the correct answer in the comment section below will win the Braggable Bargain prize, plus a piece of our official Swagbucks gear.  In addition, we will choose 4 users at random who also post the correct answer and hook them up with 25 Swag Bucks each!

Ready, Set, GO!!!