How Swagbucks Works – Swaggernaut Edition

Sometimes we find that the people who can best explain how Swagbucks works are the users themselves.  Recently on our YouTube channel, Swaggernaut supercrash82 sent us a fantastic video he created that goes through a detailed explanation of how to earn, use, and redeem your Swag Bucks.  I recommend checking out this video as a refresher course for yourself, and then send it out to all of your referrals so that they too can learn how to maximize their earnings.  Not only will this benefit them, but you’ll get to sit back and relax as you watch your referral bucks come pouring in.

Thanks for sending us this video, supercrash82 – we are hooking you up with 250 Swag Bucks for sharing this video with us!  If you have not yet subscribed to our Swagbucks YouTube Channel, do so now so that you can start sharing your videos with us.  You never know, we might favorite your video and/or share it in the blog!