Swagbucks Games: Good Ol’ Poker

Sure, the World Series of Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em may rule the gambling roost right now, but what about the good old days of the old west, where a game of 5 Card Draw separated the champs from the chumps? We’ve launched Good Ol’ Poker to recapture the glory of Doc Holiday, Wild Bill Hickok and now YOU, as you face off in a game of Five Card Draw and attempt to take everyone’s money in 15 hands or less:

You’ll need all of your wits and savvy to win this one, and when you’re finished your game, tweet us a screenshot telling us where you placed – be sure to include the hashtag #SBGames and your Swag Name – we’ll hook three of you up with 100 Swag Bucks each.

Good luck, gamblers!