Swagbucks Playing Cards Are Here!

Guess what Swaggernauts?!  Just in time for Vegas Week, we now have our very own Swagbucks Branded Playing Cards!  Whether you want to spruce up your Blackjack or Poker playing skills, or just enjoy a lazy game of Go Fish with the family, you’ll love the company of The Swag Guy, Swagasaurus Bux, and myself as we display ourselves proudly throughout the deck.

My favorite card game growing up was Speed, or as I liked to call it, Spit.  I would play for hours with friends and with family.  In my family, we also love to play Rummy.  I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty good at card games – just ask my friends.  Card games are a great way to pass the time, bring the family together, and find other ways of entertainment for kids besides the TV and video games.  This standard poker size 54-playing card deck includes 2 Jokers, and the Aces even feature the Swagbucks logo.  Snag a deck today and show eveyone that you’re a proud member of Swag Nation!

Pick up your pack now for just 349 Swag Bucks!  What’s your favorite card game?

To our international Swaggernauts – you can snag these Playing Cards, too!  Click here to pick up your very own deck!