The Swagbucks Summer Movie Preview Returns!

Hey Swaggernauts! This is Hal from Team Swagbucks, and this Summer TSG is letting me take over the Summer Movie Preview series. I LOVE movies, and I’m really excited to share these Friday posts with you.

I consider today to be the OFFICIAL start to movie season, and it couldn’t kick off in a better way. Today makes the release of a movie I’ve been waiting my whole geek life to see – The Avengers! Ever since the 2008 release of Iron Man, Marvel Studios has been building towards this movie – if you haven’t seen Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger yet, now is the time, and don’t forget to keep watching after the credits for all of the extra scenes helping to build toward this movie. Here’s the trailer:

I’ve already seen it and I won’t spoil it for you, but go. Go NOW!

Once you’ve seen it, leave your thoughts below!