Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – May 16, 2012

by Team Swagbucks on Wed, May 16th, 2012 at 1:00 pm

ttptp twitter bird

In yesterday’s TTPTP, in honor of the Swagbucks Carnival, I asked you, if Swagbucks created a carnival ride what would it be called and what would it do?

The three runners up, who will each be getting 50SB are:

“A Buckin’ SWAGERONKO..Hang on & win Swagbucks…watch out! He’s swaggy, tricky & fast! Get BUCKed off & you’ll lose your swag” – karenannleslie of Osoyoos, BC

“The Swag Chute: you are launched from a cannon into an area full of prizes. Whatever you can snatch while in the air is yours to keep” - RVmama of Southaven, MS

“Take a ride on the tail of Swagasaurus Bux! Tap the targets as you swing and collect your prizes as you exit thru the SwagStore!” – SwaggyBSG of Valrico, FL

This week’s TTPTP winner who will be receiving 500SB is…

“The Swaghouse - as you wander through the maze, wacky mirrors change your appearance showing you with different great swag prizes.”

Congratulations, RedfordWrangler of Sun Valley, CA!

Great job to everyone!

Until next time,



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