And The Bonuses Just Keep On Coming…

Whether you’re brand new to our site or a Swagbucks veteran, you’ve no doubt noticed the “My Daily Goals” meter on the righthand side of your homepage. If you are already familiar, be aware that the bonuses will automatically reset on Sunday, July 1st – the good news is that July will bring with it even MORE opportunities for you to earn bonus Swag Bucks just for using our site like you normally would!

For the newer users out there, here’s how it works. Everyday, you will see a daily earning goal. As you go about your day earning Swag Bucks, you’ll see that meter filling up. Once it’s full, you’ve reached your goal for the day and earned a bonus! Each day you complete your goal, you add to your bonus, and it gets added to your account after the end of the month – in the case of July, the bonus will be added by August 5th.

To make it even more fun, you’ll earn a special additional bonus for completing the goal for a certain number of consecutive days in addition to the accumulated daily bonuses – here’s how it breaks down:

7 consecutive days- 25 Bonus Swag Bucks
14 consecutive days- 100 Bonus Swag Bucks
21 consecutive days- 200 Bonus Swag Bucks
Full month of goals completed – 300 Bonus Swag Bucks













You can also click on the stats button in the upper right corner (the one that looks like a graph) to see how you’ve done on previous days.

With so many ways to earn Swag Bucks each day you should be watching that Daily Goal Meter fill up in no time!  What is your favorite way to earn Swag Bucks?