Connect To Facebook Through Swagbucks

Did you know that you can log in to Swagbucks using your Facebook account?  To do this, first logout of your account on Swagbucks.  You will then see the log in screen.  Click “Join with Facebook:”

From here, a window will pop up.  Click on “Log In With Facebook:”

Once you select Log In, you will be prompted to allow permission:

Once you’ve connected with Facebook on your Swagbucks account, you can manage your settings.  You can set it up to automatically post on your Facebook wall when you win a Swagbucks Search, get a new Swagbucks friend, take the Daily Poll, etc.  To do this, go to “My Settings” by hovering over your name on the top right of the Swagbucks website and clicking “My Settings:”

From here, click on the “Social Media” tab.  Now you’ll be able to choose which action items you want Facebook to automatically post.  Choose as many as you want, but Swagbucks will only post 3-5 updates per day, as to not overload your Facebook feed.

If you have connected to Facebook through Swagbucks in the past, but there’s been minimal activity, Facebook will automatically terminate your social connection.  If this happens, a message will pop up when you visit Swagbucks prompting you to reconnect:

From this point you may choose to reconnect, be reminded again, or choose not to see the message again if you don’t wish to be connected to Facebook through Swagbucks any longer.

You should be proud of every single Swag Buck you earned!  Why not brag to all of your friends about ’em?