Daily Polls Got A Makeover

Today is Makeover Day here at Swagbucks! First, Ashley got a makeover and now our Daily Polls page got a makeover!  Here at Swagbucks, we love the new look and we hope you do, too!  Let me take you on a little tour.  First off, when you land on the page you’ll notice it looks different, and in my opinion, much prettier.

Voting in the poll is just about the same, just make sure to select “vote” after you click your chosen answer.  Once you’ve voted, the area to the left of the poll where you first see the poll’s corresponding image will turn into a pie chart that represents the answer percentages.

Underneath the poll and pie chart are some new features.  You now have the ability to view just Yesterday’s Poll, Previous Polls which will show the calendar that you are accustomed to now, or the Top 10 Polls.  If you click on the “Top 10 Polls” tab you will find filtering options where you can choose to see either the Most Liked, Most Voted, or Most Commented On polls either of all time, in the last year, or just in the last month.  If you click on any of the previous polls, it will bring it up in the location where you would normally see today’s poll.  Feel free to vote on any of the previous polls that you might have missed, but you will only earn your Bonus Buck for voting on Today’s Poll.

To the right of the previous polls box, you will TSG with a special messaging pertaining specifically to that day’s poll.  This message could lead you to more information about a promotion or product, a video you might enjoy, new earning opportunities and more.

One of the coolest new additions to Daily Polls is the ability to comment.  Upon voting on a poll, the “Vote” button will turn into a “Comment” button.  Pressing this “Comment” button will automatically scroll your page down to the comments section (the same way you comment in the blog or the Swag Store), or you can scroll manually.  To comment on a poll from a previous day, use the previous polls box, find the poll you’re looking for and click “View Poll.”  You will then have the ability to comment on that specific poll.

We hope you love the new look of Daily Polls!  Feel free to let us know what you think either in the comments section of this blog post or in the comments section of today’s Daily Poll.

Happy Voting!