Dance Instruction Wednesday – Cowboy Boogie

In last week’s Dance Instruction I gave you all an opportunity to earn 250 Swag Bucks – not one single Swaggernaut took me up on this offer.  Perhaps you’re just not fans of the Tango.  If you were unaware of this contest, last week we shared a Tango Instruction video.  I asked you to share a video of yourself trying the dance for a shot at 250 Swag Bucks, but nobody accepted the challenge.  So this time, I’m going to raise the stakes.  I will show you an instruction video.  If you send in a video of yourself attempting the dance (either by sharing the link to the YouTube video as a comment to this blog post or sharing it with us on our YouTube channel), and we share it in the blog in next week’s Dance Instruction, we’ll hook you up with, not 250 Swag Bucks, but a whopping 500 Swag Bucks!  Let’s check out this week’s instruction, the Cowboy Boogie.

Get your cowboy hats on and boogie down!

Good luck!