Froobi Daily Deals: Simple Mobile Activation Kit including Sim Card

Have a phone that uses a SIM card and is Unlocked? ‎Join the SIM revolution and start saving money now! Why pay $12, or more with a competitor or even worse pay $35 for a replacement SIM card only to keep paying a ridiculously higher cell phone bill? With today’s deal you will be well on your way to cutting your cell phone bill in half, be free of contracts, get unlimited talk, text and web, and even be able to text internationally. Get your SIM card and join the SIM Card Revolution with Simple Mobile! Available today at

List Price: $12.99
Froobi Price: $0.50
You Save: 97%
Rebate: 15  Swag Bucks
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If you are going to use a bicycle safety is of the utmost importance. Having a light on your bicycle is essential to maintaining the safety of yourself and those with whom you share the road. These lights are waterproof, super bright and long lasting. With today’s deal you get the LED Bike Light for the front in silver. The light has 2 illumination patterns and is detachable. Detaching allows you to prevent it from theft, and also lets the light serve as a flashlight. Shine some light on your next night ride! Available at

List Price: $39.99
Froobi Price: $5.99
You Save: 86%
Rebate: 35 Swag Bucks
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