Froobi Daily Deals: Soap Dispenser Water Cannon

This powerful water cannon has 8 spray settings to do every household chore from blasting dirt off driveways, sidewalks, decks, and patios to gently watering flowers! It comes with a handy soap dispenser that’s perfect for washing cars, boats, RVs, siding, and gutters, or fill it with liquid fertilizer to make quick work of nourishing your yard. Only at

List Price: $30
Froobi Price: $9.99
You Save: 67%
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When you’re out in the hot summer sun, protecting your skin is as important as keeping yourself hydrated. That’s why your mother always tells you to, “Wear sunscreen!” and, “Drink plenty of water!” However, did you know that the sun’s UV rays can also cause damage to your eyes? That’s why it’s important to wear good quality sunglasses with UV 400 protection.

Georgio Caponi sunglasses are not only trendy, but they offer great protection for your eyes. Wear them to look like a movie star while walking down the street. Known for their exquisite detail and modern, sophisticated approaches to classic style, Georgio Caponi Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory of subtle elegance.

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Froobi Price: $2.99
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