Games: Jolly Jong Journey

This week’s Swagbucks Game challenge Jolly Jong Journey actually has a little bit of a personal connection for me.

When I was a little kid growing up in Philadelphia, summers meant going to the Somerton Springs Swim Club to swim, eat bad food, and hang out with my great aunt Ruth, who was always playing Mah Jong with her friends. I never understood the game, but I knew that the domino-like tiles were pretty. Flash forward 30 years later, and we introduce Jolly Jong Journey, a game in which you must match up Mah Jong tiles to eliminate them from the playing area in a very specific order while a clock keeps track of your time – the quicker you can complete the board, the more stars (and points) you’ll get:

There are multiple levels and the puzzles only get harder, and strategy comes into play. I’ve completed about 5 levels of the game, and here’s my best score:

If you think you can beat my score (and I’m sure you will!), do it and post a screenshot of your superior score along with your Swag Name and the hashtag #SBGames – we’ll hook three of you Journeymasters with 100 Swag Bucks each!

Good luck – and count yourself lucky that my aunt Ruth isn’t playing against you.

The you’d REALLY be in trouble…