Get Your Friends To Sign-Up For Swagbucks

Yesterday in the blog we told you how to go about getting referrals.  So now that you know how to invite people to Swagbucks, how do you get them to actually sign-up so that you can reap the benefits of your referrals?  Well, it’s not as hard as you think!  If you follow the right steps, earning referrals is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Make It Personal

One of the best ways to get your friends and family to believe in Swagbucks is to talk about your own personal experiences.  Let them know:

  • How you use it – “I use Swagbucks as my search engine.  Instead of searching on Google, I use Swagbucks.  You get the same results, but you get rewarded if you use Swagbucks.”
  • When you use it – “I use Swagbucks every day!  Whether I’m just doing a quick search or getting completely consumed by my favorite Swagbucks game, Swag Jump, there’s always something to do on Swagbucks!”
  • How much you’ve earned – “In the few months I’ve been a member of Swagbucks I’ve already earned over 3,000 Swag Bucks!”

Step 2: Give Them Proof

You can say as much as you want, but those really skeptical, hard-to-win-over friends won’t truly believe what you’re saying until you show them proof.  Tell them all about the great prizes you’ve redeemed from Swagbucks, and better yet, show them!  “You like the poster hanging in my bedroom?  I snagged that from Swagbucks.”  “You know the TV we’re watching Family Guy on?  Yep – got it from Swagbucks!”  “This delicious pizza we’re eating right now – you can thank Swagbucks for it!  I ordered it with the Domino’s Pizza e-Gift Card that I snagged with my Swag Bucks.”

Another great way to provide proof is to express how much Swagbucks has helped you.  “I didn’t have to pay a penny for holiday gifts this year, because I got all my gifts from Swagbucks!”  “I saved $50 on my groceries just by using Swagbucks Coupons.”  “I used my Amazon Gift Cards that I snagged using my Swag Bucks to get the perfect graduation gift for my sister.”

Step 3: Relate It To Them

You can go on and on about the cool things you’ve snagged using Swagbucks, but unless they think that they too can earn and win the way that you have they will not sign-up.  So, let them know how easy it is to use Swagbucks and how rewarding it can be.  “Do you like watching videos online?  How about playing games?  Taking surveys?  Do you search on the internet?  Do it all on Swagbucks and be rewarded for your time!”

You should now feel a bit more confident and ready to refer all of your friends and family!  To entice them to join even more, have them use the sign-up code “SummerSocial” for a 70 Swag Buck bonus upon registration.  This will allow them to start out with 100 Swag Bucks already in their account – 70 for the sign-up code and the 30 everyone starts with.  This code is only good for NON-MEMBERS and expires Thursday, June 28th at 5pm PDT.

Don’t forget to come back on Thursday for a rewarding opportunity at the Swagbucks Summer Social!

Ready, Set, Refer!!