It’s Summer Social Time!

The Summer Social is in full swing and we hope you’ve invited all your friends as referrals and are helping show them all your favorite ways to earn. Don’t forget that any referrals you’ve gained between 6/20/12 and midnight Pacific Time tonight that come to the site today could potentially earn you a lot of matching Swag Bucks. As you probably know, you always win matching Swag Bucks when someone who signs up under your referral link wins at Search (up to 1,000 Swag Bucks per referral), but today only you also win matching on Daily Polls, NOSO, Toolbar, Special Offers, Games, Trusted Surveys and Swag Codes. The limit per referral is still 1,000 but today only you can get closer much quicker.

To help you we’ve put together some useful information:

Click here to learn more about how to find and distribute your referral link

Click here to learn more about ways to encourage your referrals to sign up

Click here to give your new referrals some ideas about how to get the most out of Swagbucks

We hope you enjoy showing new users around the site and earn some matching Swag Bucks in the process. Any matching Swag Bucks earned today, besides Search, will be credited to your account no later than 5pm Tuesday July 3rd. Also, just a reminder that while it might seem tempting, do NOT refer yourself or make secondary accounts. Our compliance team will be watching closely and it is not worth risking your account. Our goal is to help Swaggernauts turn their friends and families onto Swagbucks. Have fun!

Start the fun with 4 Swag Bucks until 9am PDT by entering “LetsGetSocial” in the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks homepage.